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Footed Pajamas Are a Unique And Fun For Everyone!

Created in 2006, Footed Pajamas dot Com has been growing steadily for the past 17 years. With headquarters in the United States, Canada and the EU, we are expanding economies and gateways to our products and are the online authority in professional and user friendly e-commerce.

Inspired by Dr. Denton's original footed sleepers, we strive to maintain authenticity while putting a modern spin on our pj's.

Product Development is a division of continuous attention as is our revered Customer Service department. Engineers and highly skilled apparel technicians are involved in each stage of design, implementation, and quality control aspects of production.

We endeavor to bring you the best pajamas in both style and quality. We are always looking for feedback from our valued customers on our products as well as future suggestions. Please feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments by sending email to feedback@footedpajamas.com.

Thank you for visiting FootedPajamas.Com. While you're here, Jump In With Both Feet!


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