***IMPORTANT*** When returning pj's which are too big:
Please try them on, or have the individual they were purchased for try them on before requesting an exchange or refund. Because Footed Pajamas are one piece garments, they appear deceivingly large when not being worn. This is due to the feet creating a false appearance of added length, and the overwhelming visual effect of a one piece garment. Since Footed Pajamas are smaller than they appear, it is essential to try them on before ordering a size smaller - as this will likely result in receiving a pair of pj's which are too small.

Please note: The return process MUST be completed no later than 30 days after your order was received, after which time period all sales become final!

Please begin the return process by filling out the form below!

Thank you.

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View Exchange Instructions! When wishing to exchange an item for a different size or style, the customer must return the item(s) and an appropriate refund will be applied once a Footed Pajamas warehouse has received the product(s). The new item/size the customer wishes to have can be ordered at any time via our website to speed up the process of receiving the desired product. This process allows the customer to have the exchange shipped out promptly rather than having to wait for Footed Pajamas to receive the original piece(s) back.

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